Welcome to Centrepoint Kamloops

Centrepoint Kamloops is the interiors’ first all-inclusive meetings facility designed specifically for conflict resolution, planned for and by mediators and arbitrators. Centrepoint also offers extensive levels of corporate serviced office space that can be rented daily, weekly, or monthly.

Hear what people are saying about us!

"This is a mediator's dream set up. The staff are helpful, the facility well laid out and functional. There is private access if necessary. The rooms are soundproof, well appointed and conducive to having a conversation. The chairs are comfortable, the AV is modern (they have 4 separate WiFi feeds) and it is central in Kamloops.
Being attached to the Hotel 540 is a bonus if you have travellers and the restaurant is a good quality well run hotel unit.
I was with a group that utilized the entire facility and it worked so well that I will make this my preferred choice for sessions.
The price is right as well. "

— Daniel Williams, Williams Mediation Services

"Centrepoint is simply a fantastic facility. The best part is that I consistently hear those comments from out of town counsel as well."

— Merv Sadden, Partner, Fulton & Co LLP

Centrepoint Kamloops is British Columbia’s newest mediation and arbitration centre, allowing our customers to resolve their disputes privately in a confidential and professional atmosphere.

Enjoy the benefits of a naturally lit environment with administrative, professional and legal support services. Other amenities include on-site food and beverage, teleconferencing/video conferencing, hardwired and WiFi internet access, shredding and printing of documents and access to all office supplies. Centrepoint also provides on-site resources such as A/V professionals and legal secretarial services.

Centrepoint also provides individuals and businesses with a facility to concentrate and grow their business at a prestigious address, with first class business services to provide further assistance.